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Jan 30, 2013 11:00pm EST
with bill gates, cochair of the bill and melinda gates foundation, and the chairman of microsoft. >> well there's a lot of cynics out there who talk about, hey, there's corruption. why is this we do this? you know, it's far away. and sometimes you feel like, gosh, that's such a constant thing. are we really going to make it? is this really as important as i think it is? and only by seeing the progress does it re-energize you to say, yes. unlike any time in history, this inequity is-- is being closed, and, you know, that matters to the fathers and mothers of africa, and in the long run tmatters to humanity's optimism about its ability to achieve big things. the vacuum created by the u.s. not having clear views in solving problems is-- is-- is very scary. who's going to fill that void? yeah, there's a lot of great countries around, but we should be proud of the fact that people still expect us to step back, really know the numbers, know the science. the good news for microsoft is the magic of the future-- visual recognition, speech recognition, letting you navigate rich amounts of informati
Jan 17, 2013 12:30am PST
karunda >> melinda, thank you so much for that wonderful introduction. i want to welcome you all to a sunny september morning in san francisco, i hope you have your sun block and i also want to welcome home our lieutenant governor, our former mayor, gachb newsom. it's good to see you, sir. yesterday was a really powerful experience for us in san francisco. we've made a commitment that by the end of october every 6th through 12th grader in san francisco city public schools will have had the opportunity to see bully and not only view that documentary but also go through a rich can urriculum from our teachers understanding the lessons from that movie. we all know a movie in and of itself doesn't make a difference, but i will tell you, we didn't start our approach to understanding it with the movie bully. we're very proud 234 san francisco that we have had an approach based on restoretive practices where we're not about suspending students and getting them out of school, we want them to understand what the impacts are and the impact it has. we've been a part of restoretive practi
Jan 1, 2013 11:00pm EST
midnight.the first gay marriages in maryland were pprformed early this morning at city hall. melinda roeder is streaming liie there tonight -- mmlinda? melinda?for theenewlywed the enddof onn journny - the beginning of another.the last several months - included campaigning and controversy... and ulttmately - a committment. mmayyand is one of only threee states to approve gay marriage close one. a controversial referendum thhttcould sst a precedent - in many ways for other couple came hereefroo south carolina to get married - because it's still illeggl there.another vows after 35 yeers in a r - partnership. they say they're happy to be aapart of history - and thankffl that voters supported their cause. <""his is a big stte... make apppeciateethe citizens of maayland... at one point we never mayor stephanie rawlings blake performed one of the maariage grooms is a long time city the - from city hall - melinda roeder - fox 455news - late editiin same sex among several new laws takkng effect . today.another measureeprotects children from identity tteft ..
Jan 27, 2013 10:00pm EST
-- they are saying farewelllto ffns who've been -3 lining up to wish the team - good luck.melinda roeder is --3 live from the inner harbor amptheater... 3 where the ciiyywill hold an &pofficiaa sendoff tomorrow. melinda? 3 a super bowl sendoff rally willlbegin omorrow at 10:00 and last a few hours.... with live music and aapearances by ravens players - coach -3 harbaugg - cheerleaders and - even poe - the over haae made the rounds greeting torrey smith... spenddsome 3 at aacommunity eventtin harford county. county. 3 12::9:48 "he's a nice guy. very laidback. like a normal & person."a rowdy crowd of &pfans... lined up inside the olivv ree restaurant to have very sppcial dinner guest.on the menu tonight -- ravens "i love torrey smith... win - that suppr bowl baby, brrng it home."smitt came aal the waa to aberdeee to pose with fans - showing off their purple pride.mayor - 13::5:38 "it's very excittng for the city... thisscity goee crazy over tte -3 ravens."the team leaves monday for new orleans... anddthe super bowl.playyrr likk smith... will take pleety o
Jan 3, 2013 5:30pm EST
... on the prowl ... this... post-season. - .../ but... melinda roeder... ii here... with... some advice... on... how to avoid.. getting "taken"....meliida.... 3ravens playoffs - the hottest ticket in town... so perhaps it should come as noosuprise thattscam artists are hoping to cash in on the occassion.-3 but thereeareea few ways ou your purchase... efore you pork over tth cash. cash. 3 nottonly are the ravenssinnthe -3 ppayoffs... but he next game... could be the last for - ray football ans... trying hard to get their hands on tickets. and scam artists thing you have here is high demand, limiied supply."angie barnett is president ofthe paltimore better business bureau... and she wants fans to bbware....of phonies.she ssys most teaas try hard to prevent problems.... but technology makessii easy to copy even the most unique tickets.... 14:42:41-44 "but we hhve to remember those holograms and watermarks can also be duplicated and opied -3 by any good counterfeeter."yet the most ccmmon comppaint... 3 who pay up... but then their 3 l
Jan 16, 2013 5:00pm EST
tt pnneccssary and say hhss ppoposals will do nothing to prevent crime or mass shootings.melinda roeder is here with more n their reaction to the excctive prdees.melinda/.... 3 poments after the presiient'' speech oday... the nntional rifle association releasedda -3 statement... saying ttey support safety and ake mental health issues ssriously. they - pledge to work with congress on a bi-partisan bases. but... they also claam that attacking & fireerms and ignoring childrrn it will only aaffct aw- abidinn gunnowners and children will remain vulnerable. 3 gun selllrs weetalked with agree that the president's plans for gun connrol won't have a big impact on ppreventing crime or mass 3 old assault weapons ban that expired years ago because effectivv. they also take issue with the executive order more than 10 bulllts.since ii takes only a secood to switch magaziiee... and reeoad.not surprisiigly though -- thh president's puss for gun cootrol... has been good for pusinnssee... in aassnsee & buyers havv been stocking up on firearms and ammo.... in re
Dec 31, 2012 10:00pm EST
... hours......and melinda roeder is live at the inner harbor.. &pgetting ready to ring in he meeindar... melindaa- 3 heavy securiit is inneefect for baatimore's new in effect foo heavy security is eavy security is in effect for baltimore's new year's eve celebration. but as crime and justice reporter jjy llppla say. says.....the stepped up seeurity isn'' stopping at the innerrhaabor. ((pkg)) as the stage is set police are already in place. from the ground anddfrom the air.6:45:56 there's gonna be cops everywhere we're gonna be on corners were gonna be walking ffot were gonna be driving arounn in cars :00 witt pptrol cars... ccuising through cityynneghborhooos o keep cclebatory unfire from &perupting.... new tactics ... perimeter around thh harbor... ffr crood control is just one oo those tacttis.6644::0 and &pit really alloos foo ncreased scrutiny over exii and entry points it also alloos for post event traffic on pratt street real issue ::1((nat pop)) thhusands offpeople to be here to enjoy the fireworksthis evening there are aaso cameras that will beekeeppng a close eye on a
Jan 31, 2013 12:00am PST
of his day-to-day role at the company to run the bill and melinda gates foundation, along with his wife. it is the world's largest charity, devoted to improving global health and american education. the foundation is close to its target of eradicating the polio viking a goal bill gates is planning to achieve by 2018. i am pleased to have him back on the program. we come to you from the cbs news studio in new york. welcome. >> great to be here. >> rose: tell me this, the divisions in your life, which we've talked about before-- chairman of microsoft. along with melinda, running the bill and melinda gates foundation. there's a third thing. what's the third thing, the catch-all for the rest of the things you do? >> well, innovation is what i love to work on, and so i'm spending time on energy innovation because we need cheap energy. we need clean energy. i'm creating a new high school course because i think science and history can be brought together and made more interesting. often, the money that lets you do the innovation is what's missing, and i'm lucky enough to have capital to-- whet
Jan 30, 2013 5:30am EST
hook, melinda roeder - foo 45 news at tenn &p3 the countyycouucil will ote on funding for the council will vote heecounty 3& fox 45 news at ten.meeinda roeeer - mellnda rredee - fox -3 45 news at ten..- 3& the coontt counnil will vote po funding for thh new security plla at it's meeting 3 commng up in our 6 o'clock - hour... a ssrveillance tapp of a chilling kidnapping - school. the investigation and the iinreaaed rewarr tt find the kidnapper. he man who 3 wiih pefoorance enchancing drugs is giving his side of thh story. how mitch ross says heehelped ray lewii. ) 3 3 show us your purppe tt us ttrough purppe -at -oxx can see thooe pictuurs on our at foxbaltimore ot com..rryou &pcanngo tt our facebook page.. -3 facebook dot com slash 3 "inside fox45." &p commnn up in our 6 o'cllck -3 hour... a nnww urvvy says atlanta's aiiport is the est for travelers. pravelers. we'll ell 3 considered the worss. &&p & 3 acccsations are swirllig bout 3 substtnccehowwhe's
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Jan 12, 2013 9:00pm PST
melinda herman is home with her nine-year-old twins. a man wreck break breaks into . take a listen to her husband who is on the phone both with melinda and 911 in the bedroom? relax. just remember, everything that i showed you. everything that i taught you, all right. she shot him. she is shooting him. she is shooting him. >> judge jeanine: the intruder, shot five times ran out of the home but was arrested. melinda and her children are safe. with me now is larry pratt who is the executive director of gun owners of america from d.c. and otis mcdonald, the inspiration for the book "an act of bravery." he became the public face of gun rights when challenged chicago's handgun ban. thanks for being with us. otis, you live in the city of chicago. one of the most violent cities in the country. you wanted a handgun and were are told that you couldn't have one. you took your case to the united states supreme court. why? >> because i was afraid for my family. all of a sudden i look around and i can't protect them. and i thought that this is not right. i knew that i had to try and do something. my g
Jan 21, 2013 12:30pm PST
prosecutor, i wait for the phone to ring and i respond. that's not how melinda has responded, that's not how eric holder approach their job, that's certainly not how this superintendent is approaching his job and that's not how any of us can afford to approach their jobs. i don't want to prosecute any more hate crimes cases. i want to be, for those of you over 50, remember that maytag commercial, the guy is sitting there waiting for that phone to ring? i want to be that room. i want to have nothing to do. i want to take my niece up on her offer to golf at the present side owe because i want to have time on my hands. but we see this headwind of intolerance that is a growth industry, i real estate gret to tell you. we see it manifested in our hate crimes practice, so many cases involving teenagers who have been recruited at a young age to desecrate mosques, to do so many other unspeakable things in communities across this country. so we have to get to work and we are, in fact, getting to work and i am so impressed at the partnerships that have been out here. i'm so impressed that we recogn
Jan 3, 2013 10:00pm EST
... this... post-season. .../ & but... melinda roeder... has.... advice... to.. avoid.. getting "taken""...melinda.... melinda.... 3 3 not only are the ravens in the -3playoffs....but the next game... could be the last for ray football fans... trying hard to get their haads on tickets. and scam artists know it.14:41:49 "aaddthe thing yyu havv here is high demand, limiteedsupply."angie barnett ii president of thee baltimore better business bureau... and she ants fans 3 says most teams try hard to prevent prrblems.... butt technologyymakes it easy to ttckets.... 14:42:41-48 "bbt we have to rememmer those holograms ann wateemarks can also be duplicated and copied by any good counterfeiter."yet the most common complaint... comes from online buyers.... who pay up....but thee their tickets nevvr show p.websites like bay and craigslist offer liitle be -3 careful which site... you shop....14:44:21-322"avoid scalping... really encoorage peoppe to go to leeitimate can help yoouprevent getting scammed...check the
Jan 4, 2013 5:00am EST
... the bettee business bureau isswarning oo &pplayoff tickettscams.melinda roeder has advice to avoid ggtting "taken". not only arr the ravens in the playoffs... but the next game....could be the last for ray lewis.soofootball fans... tryinn hard to et their hands know it.14:41:49 "aad the demand, limited supply."angie barnett is president of the baltimore better business bureau... and sheewants fans says most teams try hard to preventtproblems.... but technooogy makes it easy to copy evee the moss uniqqe ticcets.... 14:42241-48 "butt we have to remember those holograms and watermarks can also be duplicated and copied by any good counterfeiter."yet tte most common complaint... &pcomes from onlinn buyers.... who pay up... ut then their like ebay and craigslist offer - little be carrful which site... youu shopp...14:44:21-32 "avoid people to o tt legiiimate sites... ssub hub."a few steps an help you prevenn getting ps scammed...check the ssatiin seats are even real.avoid sellers who want you toowire mmney... pay only with cash.... or complete the purchase offlineand if ou're
Jan 29, 2013 5:30pm EST
... ewwteccnolooy... and --3 police training ffr teachers. teachhrs.melinda roeder explains - why they say it -still ay not beeenough to pprevent tragedy. couuty execctivv kevin kamentzz calls this new afety plaa is not a cure-all. nothing could haae prevented wwat & happened lass monthhin -3 newtown, connncticut. but these new easures are a start... thht could better prepare teaccer and police. 3 ddscussions about improveing security began back on the fiist day of school... after the noo--atal shooting at -33 perry hhll highhschool.noww.. unveiling a plan they ope will make chools much safee. they're asking forr3-point-7 miilion ddllars worth of new 3 and a better entry system. that''son top of the &padditional 2-and-a-half 3 already buddeted ffo ext year. and all the nee cameras - will the pplice preccncts and -& pattollcars.while teachers -- - will not be armed with guns... policc--tyle training to better respond in emergenciee. 3& < "it's absoluuely esseetial that our educatoos and administrators know what to do in the event oo a crisis.... to protect t
Jan 31, 2013 5:30pm EST
... at least... that's... what -3 ...melinda rooder... found out today..../.she's... here to ell s bout it... 3 flags werr certainly fllpping today... at full speed.... off &p"loch raaen" boulevard.... where thee ttied very hard to "lock doon" rrvens erchandise. -3 3 ttshiits, penants, and hats were held down with weighhs and clothespins today... at a - roadside stand featurrng all ravens merchandiis.still - &pcustomees bbaaed the blustery -3 cold to purchase some purple pride.and sallsmann- lee whhte hype.but he addits he'ssnot &pthis.he fllwwhere from hiss -3 hometown of new orleans... aftee all. the big easy... where the big game is taking ppaae sunday.even thhugh hh's a saints fan... his week... hhes rooting foo tte ravens. boss before he left. 3 3&<"baltimore. ... they gave us & a choice to go to saa francisco or baltimore. i chose here."> 3 the weathhr is certainly milder n san francisco right -3 now - and mmybe the fans are too.i asked lee abbut hiss impression of baltimore fans. pe alls them - loud and proud. aad if the ravens win the & ss
Jan 25, 2013 5:30pm PST
doesn't need them, >> pelley: the world's largest private charity is the bill and melinda gates foundation. the founder and his wife are spending billions of dollars to eradicate diseases overseas and reform education here in the u.s. gates is attending the world economic forum in davos, switzerland which every year attracts the globe's top leaders. anthony mason talked to gates today about the progress that he's making against diseases that kill children by the millions. >> reporter: you're a regular here at davos. what's the value in coming here for you? >> there's great opportunity to meet with corporate leaders, government leaders, talk about the foundation's partnership with them. i get up to date and i'd have to fly a lot of places to do the equivalent. >> reporter: in the corridors and meeting rooms in davos, the world's most prominent philanthropist is keeping up his campaign to help the poorest children of the world. a top priority of the bill and melinda gates foundation has been to eradicate polio. the gates have committed a billion dollars to fighting the disease and
Jan 15, 2013 9:30pm PST
going to improve this situation? i hope if you take one and only one thing from melinda and my and ruslyn's remarks today, if you have an idea, please bring them to us. we want to learn from you. we are in this together and i want to say thank you because the most important thing we have is a recognition that you understand that this is indeed a national issue for us to deal with. i'm looking forward to the rest of the day, i appreciate your presence and i appreciate your leadership, melinda, and let's get on with it. (applause). >> i have the honor of sbre duesing our moderator, tom perez has graciously agreed to stay and participate in our first panel, business creating a healthy safe and inclusive environment for all school students, the role of our federal government. tom perez, assistant secretary for civil rights, ruslyn lee. she was also nominated by president obama to serve in her role as assistant secretary of education for civil rights and she was confirmed by the senate in may of 2009. as assistant secretary, ruslyn is assistant secretary arnie's duncan's prima
Jan 16, 2013 12:00am PST
. this is a very important topic and it's one that our u.s. attorney, melinda hague and i helped spearhead yesterday with 800 students who came together who watch an incredible film by lee hirsch i've heard the wonderful reports from the kids, seen their laughter and their tears. we are going to honor your making that film by doing what we need to do to stop bullying across the country. because the data shared by our u.s. attorney, representatives from the department of education confirm if we don't do anything about it, 13 million kids will become victims again for another year. some 3 million kids across the country will decide it is better to leave their school grounds than to continue their education. there will be more stupblting of the emotional and educational growth of our kids. all across the bay, whether working here in san francisco or alameda or sonoma or santa clara county. i want to thank you law enforcement officials here, instructors, community advocates, people who are concerned about our kids, they are our future and i would love to see a new generation of kids who d
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 184 (some duplicates have been removed)